About Carly



Truth. Live from your truth unapologetically. Speak from love and with love. You are a unique frequency, a unique soul. The world needs your truth.




Love. Unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness. We are all an expression of source and are all one. Love yourself.



Connect. Connect with yourself, inner-soul and higher-self. You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny. Co-create with the universe for the life you desire.

My Name Is Carly


Most would describe me as an Akashic Record Reader, Ahai 7D Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Social Worker, small business owner. But I have never really liked boxes and labels. I find them too constricting, because to be honest I am so much more than the titles. I am my 29 years here, I am my Divine child, I am divine feminine and masculine, wisdom in all life times, mystic, extension of source. And you are so much more than the labels too.

Society may label us and we feel like we have to be one thing or another. In truth, we decide who we are. So who are we really? Let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we are meant to. Each one of us has a unique role to play, unique experiences, gifts, wisdom to hold and to share. What are yours?

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence. Personal development through spiritual tools is my passion. I aspire to raise the frequency of earth, anchor in new earth frequencies, anchor in divine love.

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My Story


I grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Before one of my most profound spiritual awakenings, I graduated with my degree in Social Work and minor in Politics. At the age of 20, I moved to Peru for 3 months and went through a very spiritual experience, with the honour of learning from the indigenous peoples, and the honour of experiencing Machu Picchu. At 21, I packed my bag and flew back to Peru to backpack and travel through Peru and Bolivia. This experience was profound and expansive for me, looking for something bigger. Something that would give me answers into my soul and the world around me. During this time I was beginning to understand that we are all spiritual and we are all one, connected. We are all an extension of source.

Coming back home, with the systems, paradigms, and programming, I went back to my 9-5 feeling unfulfilled. Thinking, "What am I here to do? What am I here to learn?". As this question rattled through my system for many years, I started to become very sick. I had been experiencing chronic migraines and chronic stomach issues for many years, they were starting to worsen. I could no longer eat without severe pain and it was impacting my quality of life.

This was the moment I experienced one of my most profound spiritual awakenings, when I started experience chronic health issues that were getting worse. While I did have a health support system around me at the time, I was not seeing the results I needed, as my health was affecting my quality of life. I do not share this to glorify the struggle, struggles are real and can be painful. I had to realize something before I could make a shift. I had to surrender. Surrender to the process, release energies no longer serving me, and doing some deep personal development/shadow work.

This is when I found Reiki Healing and dove into all things spirituality. I started my healing journey in Reiki, Chakra therapy, Angel therapy, Crystal healing, Dowsing Rods Akashic Records, Psychic Development and Sound Therapy. When I started to understand how energy works, step out of 3D consciousness and into 5D consciousness, this is when I started to see a shift in my healing. Reiki was the catalyst for me, and was the road that lead me to where I am today. I am extremely grateful to this process, journey and to all my mentors/teachers who have supported me on this journey, for community is a powerful thing.

Now, I feel empowered to have control over my health and my life, co-creating with the universe and following my souls' guidance. I am passionate about energy healing, manifestation, ascension and spiritual counselling, as I aspire to empower individuals to find the most aligned path for themselves.

I am a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College as I have a passion for working with people as a counsellor/coach while incorporating spirituality. I believe in a holistic approach to healing for optimal expansion and understanding of the human and oneness.

Life Path Number: 7
Personal Year: 1

Human Design:
4/6 Generator, Sacral

☀️ Cancer/Leo, 🌑 Capricorn, ⬆️  Leo