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Introduction to the Foundations


Welcome to my courses page! These three courses I am so very passionate about. With the fire in my soul excitement, I created these courses as a foundation to spiritual development, guidance in spiritual awakening and divine connection to the soul. Each of the lessons I created were the foundations for my spiritual evolution and is what brought me on the path of energy healing, ascension and soul mission. These three courses are combined into one package and are introductory to the full courses I offer in The Sacred Rose Membership. To learn more about this introductory course package continue on this page as each course is mapped out below. To learn more about what is included in the full membership courses, head over to The Sacred Rose Membership section of the website.

Intuitive Development Course - Intro

This course offering is for anyone who is interested learning the foundations of Intuitive/Psychic Development, honing in on your intuitive abilities and are looking magic, connection and all the tea! This course is for you, a time to receive and develop your intuitive/psychic abilities. Let the magic begin!


The full course is now exclusively in The Sacred Rose Membership! To learn about what is included in the full course, head to the membership tab and click the IDC page.


Lessons included in this intro course: 🔮

  • Energy Work & Self-Discovery
  • Psychic Senses - The Clairs: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance
  • Spirit Guides & Light Beings
  • Psychic Clearing, Protection & Grounding
  • Spiritual Practice & Sacred Space
  • Transformation: to living as your most authentic self and living a soul-aligned life!

The intention for this container is to grow and expand in our multidimensionality, personal development work, connecting with soul-family and building community of like-minded individuals! If you have been searching for all of the above, plus a safe space to develop your intuitive abilities, this is the container for you!

Are you ready for the magic to begin? 🧚‍♂️


Enter The Magic 🔮

Chakra Therapy Course - Intro

Welcome to my Chakra Therapy Course Intro Page!

In this course I deep dive into the depths of the seven main chakras! This is an introduction to my full Chakra Therapy Course. The full course can be accessed only in The Sacred Rose community membership and includes meditations, affirmation videos and card pulls for each lesson! Below is a description of this introduction course and the lessons.

I am very excited to host this course for you and am grateful to be a guide in your journey! It is my belief that understanding the chakras is the foundation in understanding energy healing, energy work, protection, and accessing parts of our multidimensionality (there are many layers to our being).

The main chakra system consists of 7 chakras in the energy body, which will be the primary focus of this course, although there have more than 7 for the energy body. The chakras are energy wheels (centres) at specific parts of our body that correspond to an area of our life and being. We can cleanse, recharge, and balance these energy centres to create abundant changes in our life and connection to the divine/source energy.

In this course, I will review the 7 main chakra system in depth. Each lesson may look a little different, I have taken concepts that I have learned, my own inner wisdom and knowledge, and that of the Spirit Guides to create this course.

The full video lesson for each of the following chakras:

Root Chakra – Muladhara in Sanskrit

Sacral Plexus Chakra – Svadisthana

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

Heart Chakra - Anahata

Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

Third-Eye Chakra - Ajna

Crown Chakra - Sahasrana

Each chakra has an in-depth video lesson that includes: the element, the physical bodily parts associated with that chakra, what it looks like to have an unbalanced/balanced chakra, and supporting that chakra.

As a part of this intro course, you will also receive access to the Full Course PDF which includes: affirmations written out and journal prompts for diving into each chakra for balancing!

It is important to note that this material and teachings are not medical, financial or legal advice, this is only to be used as informational material. Please always practice discernment for yourself, if this material resonates with you or not, as with all things.

This course is an intro to my full in-depth course of the chakras. Full course access is only in The Sacred Rose community which includes: for each of the 7 main chakras there will be meditations for balancing/clearing, a meditation for affirmations and card pulls for each lesson.

Entry into The Sacred Rose community opens in February 2024!


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Crystal Healing Course - Intro

 Welcome to my Crystal Healing Course Intro page!


This course is an introduction to my full Crystal Healing Course. The full course can be accessed only in The Sacred Rose community membership and includes meditations and card pulls for each lesson! Below is a description of the course and the lessons included in this intro course!

Working with crystals has a special place in my heart because it was the entry way into all things spirituality. My first ever crystal was Rose Quartz, in its raw form. I was about 7-9 yrs old, I still have this piece and hold it dearly. Crystals are really magical gifts that can enhance our beliefs and way of life. I personally use crystals everyday, in my daily practice and in my energy healing practice with clients.

Crystals are gifts from the earth, Mama Gaia, and embody a specific vibration meant for healing and supporting the person working with them. They are powerful and potent energies that support energy healing, energy work, protection, and accessing our multidimensionality. These magical stones from Mama Gaia can promote health, healing and well-being in our everyday life. Crystals are also amazing for working with the chakra system as well!

In this course:

  • types of crystals
  • choosing crystals
  • intentions
  • sacred space
  • crystal grids
  • care for crystals
  • Full Course PDF

Each lesson may look a little different. I have taken concepts that I have learned from various courses/mentors, my own inner wisdom, knowledge/experience, and that of the Spirit Guides to create this course.

Please note: the full course for Crystal Healing can be accessed in The Sacred Rose community membership!

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