Toronto, Ontario

In Person Ahai 7D Energy Healing!



for a weekend in the 7th dimension of Ahai energy healing and Akashic intuitive readings!

April 13th & 14th I will be offering in-person Ahai 7D energy healing sessions at The Plant Mystic! This weekend will be epically transformational. (Is epically a word lol..) If you are in Toronto this weekend come check out this incredible event with amazing psychics, seers and energy healers.

The Ahai sessions I am offering are 1 hour in length where we will dive into your Akashic Records and facilitate Ahai energy healing. This is the perfect time to get clear on your intentions for the new astrological year and release what is no longer serving you. I like to think of it as spring cleaning. We give our homes the TLC it needs every spring, and lets do the same for ourselves! We ALL deserve TLC, as this is the MISSION of Carly Spirit: TRUTH. LOVE. CONNECT.

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