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Energy Healing


Energy healing can occur in many ways. It is the body, mind, soul releasing energy that is no longer serving the person. Healing can happen through energetic exchange: talking/communicating, utilizing the elements, Mama Gaia/grounding, divine love, meditations, Ahai 7D/other modalities, and many more.

Energy work is utilizing all the tools above to promote healing in the mind, body, spirit. I have such a strong passion for energy healing/work, I created three courses teaching many techniques to empower the self. Anyone can use these techniques I teach for self-healing, learning the foundations of energy work. These courses are in the membership, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Development, along with 'The Library' with additional lessons and videos.

Ahai 7D energy healing is the main modality I use now for everything. Throughout The Sacred Rose Membership I have infused Ahai energy, entering into the membership is entering into a sea of Ahai high-frequency healing energy.

Bonus: once you sign up for the membership you will be entered to win an Ahai Energy Healing Session with me! Each month I will draw a winner at random and I will reach out to book your free session!


What is Ahai?


Energy healing is a true passion of mine and I am so in love with Ahai energy that I use it every day! Ahai sessions are a transformational journey that provides exactly what is needed at the time for the highest and best of the recipient.

7th dimension energy healing is the frequency of miracles, the Angelic realm and the realm of the Akashic Records (the record of the soul). Ahai is a sanskrit word that translates to 'Mother' and 'Favoured by God/Source'. Ahai energy healing is the frequency of divine love and is the healing energy of the Angels and divine feminine energy of creation. Ahai is channeled through the practitioner and out their hands to the recipient to promote and stimulate their body’s natural healing abilities. As the practitioner, I act as a channel/facilitator for the energy to move through my body.

Ahai is known to promote rapid transformational healing, moving through the energy body and going exactly where it is needed most for the recipient.

All healing sessions are miracles, some are instantaneous and some miracles are not always noticed. Sometimes lessons are revealed that needs to be worked through in order for the shift/healing to take place. During the session you may feel heat, cool, vibrations, see visions or nothing at all. All experiences are beautiful and perfect in their own way. Every experience will be different. :)

Click below to learn more about the benefits of Ahai:

Enter The Portal Of Ahai 7D Energy Healing
Enter The Portal Of The Sacred Rose

 Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy is also a passion of mine! The way the vibrations work throughout the space or body to move and release the energy/emotions that no longer serves.


  • Promotes relaxation, detox, and relieves stress from the body
  • Calming effect on the energy body
  • Healing for the energetic body of the 7 main chakras and each association
  • We set intention before each session to receive what is most desired from the session
  • Setting your intention is important: you receive the intention put into the session, it is the energy behind belief 


Modalities I Use:

  • Crystal Singing Bowls for the 7 Main Chakras
  • Crystal Pyramid
  • Crystals of the 7 main chakras, plus clearing crystals
  • Healing Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Light Language: Vocals

    In The Sacred Rose membership there are sound bowl healing videos, light language healing videos and lessons introductory what I like to call Sacred Sounds.

    Exclusively In The Sacred Rose Membership