$55.00 CAD

The Divine Heart Activation Series

Carly Spirit invites you to embark on an explorative journey into the heartspace in her February series “The Divine Heart”. In this two-part gathering, Carly will channel various Spirit Guides, pull cards for the group, and invite you deeper into your heart through journal prompts.

The first experience will be centered on Divine Love. On February 2nd, Carly will channel the Divine Mother and other Guides, exploring the realms of conditional, unconditional, and divine love. We will honor the divine love that resides within us, and discuss how we can anchor it into the 3D Earth Plane.

Later in February, the 22nd, Carly (and the Fairies!) will take us deep into our hearts once more, where we’ll connect with the Divine Child within. Here, we’ll awaken playful energy, and remember just how essential this joyful bond is for our well-being. We’ll also discuss the difference between our Inner and Divine Child, and how we can use each connection to evolve spiritually.

This Series will be on Zoom at 1pm EST. Check your email for all details. :) So excited to see you in there!