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Spiritual Courses - Intro

Welcome to my foundation Spiritual Courses!

- Intro to Intuitive Development Course

- Intro to Chakra Therapy Course

- Intro to Crystal Healing Course

To learn more about what is included in each course, check out the Spiritual Courses - Intro section on my website: carlyspirit.ca

Each lesson may look a little different. I have taken concepts that I have learned from various courses/mentors, my own inner wisdom, knowledge/experience, and that of the Spirit Guides to create this course.

Enjoy and I'll see you in there!

Please Note:

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Disclaimer: these lessons are not medical, legal or financial advice. There may also be content that may trigger you as I relay stories from my personal experience and sharing space with other people's experiences as well. As with the nature of purchasing courses online, you will have forever access to the material and no refunds may be applied.